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Frequently Asked Questions

Please complete and submit the form below and a member of staff will contact you.

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Read our Standard Operating Procedure here: this covers in more detail the process of setting up an account and placing an order with us.

We use FedEX or DHL to ship items out, usually twice a week.

We recommend you use a recognised delivery company and ensure that you have adequate insurance to cover the item for the duration.

Once we have received your instructions we will provide an estimate including approx. turn around time. When this is proceeded we produce a CAD, this allows you to see your design at all angles and view a rendered image of your item. Once this CAD is approved we will proceed to make the item in your chosen metal.

For your convenience we can issue invoices in your local currency.

All items are guaranteed for one year for any manufacturing defects. We do not guarantee the product against wear and tear or customer damage.

We do not have an minimum order policy, our minimum order is 1.

We are happy to undertake repairs that others can't attempt. These repairs have a high labour content and include processes such as rebuilding settings, claw work and replacing missing pieces in jewelry by recreating the missing parts.

To request an estimate for a jewelry repair you can complete our online form here. Please note all estimates given using this form are for guidance only. All items need to be sent to us for a thorough assessment before we can issue a definite estimate that includes a description of the problem and cost of repair.

We have a wide supplier base here in Thailand and can supply all gemstones including certificated diamonds. We can cut unusual shapes, repolish any worn gemstones.

We do not offer credit terms. All items need to be fully paid before shipping.

We are happy to arrange visits to our facility in Gemopolis. Please call +66 (0) 2727 0733 ex 109 or 110 or email to arrange a convenient day and time. We are approximately 15-20 mins by taxi from Bangkok's main international airport Suvarnabhumi.

We normally specialise in small production runs but can accommodate large volume runs if necessary. Email to discuss your requirements.

We can create samples of jewelry items cast in bronze and plated in silver or rhodium. The finish gives the same appearance as if the items were made from precious metals. This gives you the opportunity to show a larger selection of jewelry in your displays for a fraction of the outlay. The items can then be produced in precious metal as and when required.

We need both items so that we can match any missing pieces and finishes.

Both are correct, outside the USA a CARAT is used to describe both the unit of weight of a gemstone (not a unit of size) and the quantity of pure gold contained a piece. In the USA the term CARAT refers to gemstone weight and KARAT to the quantity of gold contained in a piece. One carat of a dense (heavy) stone will be smaller than one carat of a lighter stone. For example, a one-carat sapphire will be smaller than a one-carat diamond, because sapphires are heavier than diamonds. A carat in jewellery weighs 200 milligrams alternatively 142 carats equals an ounce. Pure gold is twenty-four twenty-fourths (24/24ths) gold, and is called 24-carat gold. Gold that is 18-caret gold is eighteen twenty-fourths (18/24ths) gold and six twenty-fourths (6/24ths) other metals. Only 24-carat gold is 100% gold.