*English Spoken
*Members of the RJC
*U.K. Owned
*Secure Facility
*Skilled Workforce

Standard Operating Procedure

  1. Please provide us with all relevant contact information including Contact Name and Business Name and Address, Landline Telephone Number, Email Address and if available Line or WhatsApp number.
  2. Please complete the Know Your Counterparty form, this can bedownloaded for printing here, once completed please scan and email to
  3. You will then be added to Maker-Mends (Thailand) Company Ltd System as an account. You will be allocated a reference number which should be used on all communications between us.
  4. When the you make a new order all relevant details should be made in writing so we have a written record to refer to. The instructions must clear and accurate. The more information we get from the outset will assist in a faster turnaround. Preferably an image or sketch that supports the design should be included. If you wish us to supply stones, then we will need an image of the colour required. Please use one reference number per job.
  5. For your convenience you can complete ourJewelry Request Formthis contains all the information needed from yourselves. Or you can use the form as a guide to the information you should provide in an email to
  6. Once we have all the final specifications we can provide an estimate which will include the turn around time.
  7. On acceptance of the estimate we will produce a CAD, which includes a rendered version of the item, for your approval. Once this is approved we will require a 50% deposit before we commence production.
  8. We will issue to final invoice on completion of work, this will include shipping and insurance costs. We will ship the items on payment of the final invoice.
  9. If you are requesting a Jewelry Repair, for your convenience, you can complete ourRepair Request Formor you can use the form as a guide to the information you should provide in an email to
  10. If you are sending any loose stones or parts these must be placed into a small, sealed bag and secured to the docket. Write on the docket details of what has been sent in.
  11. If you are sending in an item the docket must contain a description of the general condition of the item, note down any wear and damage.
  12. If an engraving is required any text to be engraved should be typed or clearly printed on the docket. Inform us of the style & font type required and give clear instructions where the engraving is to be located. A sketch would help.
  13. If you are sending a parcel of work to Maker-Mends (Thailand) Company LtdĀ please ensure that any items being sent are listed on the despatch note and are fully insured for the duration.
  14. When the package is received by us it is opened underneath CCTV Camera. We will check that the contents of the parcel matches the dispatch note. If we notice any discrepancies we will notify you immediately.
  15. We will open a job card with the instructions you give us and the job will be added to our system and the required process will be started.
  16. Once the job has been completed the item goes to our Quality Control Department where it is checked for quality and that the work has been completed as instructed.
  17. Once approved by the Quality Control Department the item returns to the office where it is invoiced.
  18. The Accounts Department will be in contact to request payment.
  19. The item will be securely packaged under the CCTV cameras; items are checked off on the delivery/invoice sheet to confirm the contents is complete.
  20. Once we have received payment we will ship your item/s.

If there is any aspect of our Standard Operating Procedure you would like to discuss please email