*Skilled Workforce

Custom Jewelry

Our experienced workforce of highly skilled jewelers create beautiful hand finished items of jewelry: using traditional classical skills with a level of expertise difficult to find in these modern days of mass production.

They can:

  • Create any piece of jewelry from a sketch, image or CAD.
  • Recreate any worn or damaged jewelry.
  • Re-make stock items with adjustments to suit your customers requirements.
  • Replace missing items by matching a lost earring or cufflink from the remaining one.
  • Undertake complicated Repairs.
  • Reproduce jewelry items
  • Replacing Cufflink
    making a cufflink to replace missing one
    Replacing Earring
    replacing a missing earring

    We can take unwanted existing items and use the stones to create new wearable designs.

    Tourmaline Redesign
    redisgned tourmaline ring
    Sapphire and Diamond Redesign
    sapphire and diamond ring redesign
    Creating 3 items from 1
    creating three items from one
    Redesigned Ruby Ring
    Redesigned ruby ring

    We provide a dedicated support team for all design work. We provide a free of charge estimate which also includes the production time. All technical support is available at every stage of production to guide you and your customers.

    For more information please email

    examples of bespoke jewelry

    We can produce the piece in any metal including; 9ct gold - yellow, red or white, 14ct gold - yellow, red or white, 18ct gold - yellow, red or white, 22ct gold – yellow, Platinum, Silver and Palladium.

    examples of bespoke jewelry

    Every piece is finished to an exceptionally high quality. We pride ourselves on the quality of the fineness of our setting and the attention to detail in the very high standard of our polishing and plating.

    We believe our top quality jewelry is competitively priced.

    examples of fitted wedding bands

    Computer Aided Design- We can supply CAD images prior to making any item. This can show the item from every angle and can be rendered to look like an actual piece of jewelry. Any adjustments can be made before production. For a relatively low cost we can produce hand carved wax models to show your customers before the item is cast. In some circumstances we can produce silver samples for approval prior to production of the actual piece, charges apply.

    Handcarved Waxes- We employ highly skilled wax carvers who can carve wax in to any design for jewelry purposes. This wax is used in the Lost Wax Process to cast the item in the chosen metal.

    Wax for Dragon Pendant
    hardcarved wax of a dragon tattoo
    Wax for Bespoke RIng
    hand carved wax for a ring
    Reproducing a ring

    Complicated Repairs- We are happy to undertake repairs that others can't attempt. These repairs have a high labour content and include processes such as rebuilding settings, claw work and replacing missing pieces in jewelry by recreating the missing parts.

    To request an estimate for a jewelry repair you can complete our online form here. Please note all estimates given using this form are for guidance only. All items need to be sent to us for a thorough assessment before we can issue a definite estimate that includes a description of the problem and cost of repair.

    replace the top setting on a ring

    Fitted Wedding Bands- We can make Fitted Wedding Bands to fit any style of engagement ring. We can help with the design as necessary and can send CAD images before commencing work.

    3D Scanners produce a detailed and precise scan of an item and create an exact replica of the piece from all angles as a 3D image. We can use this technology in our production of fitted wedding bands. We can use 3D scans taken of engagement rings and use the scanned image to create an exactly fitted wedding band.

    examples of fitted wedding bands

    Our 3D Printer can accept the images from 3Ds scanners and CAD images and uses these images to "print" out an exact copy in resin. This resin is used in the process to cast the item which we hand finish to the highest specification.

    We can produce the piece in any metal including; 9ct gold - yellow, red or white, 14ct gold - yellow, red or white, 18ct gold - yellow, red or white, 22ct gold – yellow, Platinum, Silver and Palladium.

    We provide a dedicated support team for all design work and we provide a free of charge estimate which also includes the production time, approx. 6-8 weeks.

    This is a great service you can offer your customers. When selling an engagement ring inform them that a wedding band can be made to fit exactly the shape of their engagement ring.

    Diamond and Gemstone Supply- We stock a large range of the most common gemstones including diamonds and can supply a variety of grades and sizes. We can supply certificated diamonds and we have suppliers who can provide the more unusual stones. We can also supply and cut stones to fit settings if they are not stock sizes.

    Recut, Repolish- on some softer stones e.g. opal, emerald and garnet the surface can wear away and may, after some years, need to be repolished or recut by a lapidary (a stone cutter). The harder stones such as diamond, ruby and sapphire can also chip or wear over time and these can also be recut. The cost price does vary according to the amounts of facets (surfaces of the stone) the size and its hardness. The procedure can take 3-6 weeks. In some cases it is cheaper to replace the stone than have a damaged stone recut.

    Gemstone Repolish
    gemstone repolish example
    Gemstone Recut
    example of a recut gemstone

    Go to our Pinterest Boards to see a selection of our beautiful handmade bespoke pieces.

    before and after images of jewelry

    For any product fabricated from rough diamonds mined from January 1, 2003 onward, the seller warrants that the diamonds have been purchased from legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and are in compliance with United Nation resolutions. The seller hereby guarantees that the diamonds are conflict free, based on personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by the supplier of these diamonds. For any product fabricated from rough diamonds mined prior to January 1, 2003, the seller warrants that conflict diamonds will not be knowingly sold and that, to the best of their ability, will undertake reasonable measures to help prevent the sale of conflict diamonds in this country.

    Read our Supply Chain Policy here.