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Channel Set channel setting A continuous smooth strip of gold hammered over two edges of a stone. Both edges are then buffed smooth and then highly polished
Claw claw setting A seat is cut just below the inside edge of the top of each claw. The stone is then laid in the seat and the top of each claw is then bent down onto the stone. Excess gold is trimmed away and the tip is generally rounded off to create a smooth bead.
Countersunk countersunk setting A seat is cut into the ring. It is crucial the seat is exactly the correct size. The stone is then clipped into the recess and the top edge is smoothed over to create a neat edge.
Grain grain set A seat is drilled into the metal. The stone is laid into the recess and a special tool is then used to raise a grain from the top of the ring. As the tool gouges out a small piece of gold the setter manages to push a tiny raised piece of metal over the top edge of each stone,at least two per stone. The setter then has another tool which rounds this piece of metal to give the beaded affect associated with grain work.
Halo halo set Smaller gemstones are used to encircle and enhance a central larger stone.
Illusion Set illusion set This is the effect used to make a smaller diamond look larger than it is. The process involves setting the diamond into a white gold disc which is cut to replicate the facets of a diamond. Once the ring is polished and rhodium plated the stone looks much bigger than its actual size.
Invisible Set invisible set The stones are specially cut, the edges of the stones have grooves cut into the sides just below the top surface. The stone next to it will then have an angled edge that fits snuggly into each groove. When the outer edges are pushed inwards all the stones then clamp tightly against each other securing all the stones together.
Millegrain mille grain example Refers to tiny beads on the setting edge. The setter uses a millegrain tool to achieve this effect.
Pave pave set Same as grain setting but the arrangement of the stones allows for the least amount of excess gold between each stone.
Rubover rubover setting Same as channel setting but the edge is all the way around the stone.
Star Setting star setting A star shape is cut into the metal and grains are raised to secure the stone to enhance the look of the stone.
Suspension/ Tension tesion/suspension set The setter cuts a very neat seat into the side of each wall. The setting is slightly too small for the stone. When the setter pushes the stone into the seat there is enough movement in the setting to allow the stone to clip in to place. This looks very neat but in fact there is a high chance of the stone falling out.
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