*English Spoken
*Members of the RJC
*U.K. Owned
*Secure Facility
*Skilled Workforce

About Us

In an industry of mass production Maker Mends (Thailand) Company Limited offers a unique niche manufacturing service providing for smaller production runs, one off custom pieces, difficult repairs, redesigns and remakes.

Maker Mends (Thailand) Company Limited is a branch of Europe's largest jewelry service provider Maker Mends Ltd.

Maker Mends Ltd is an award winning company based in the U.K. providing services to internationally known jewelry retailers and distributors. The demand for high quality, competitively priced, custom made jewelry brought about them acquiring of an existing manufacturing company based in Thailand and the forming Maker Mends (Thailand) Company Limited.

Thai workforce

Maker Mends (Thailand) Company Limited is registered with the Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand.

The factory is located within a purpose built highly secure location for Jewellers, Gemopolis, Bangkok. Here we employ experienced, highly skilled jewellers, setters, polishers, CAD designers and wax carvers as well as administrative staff.

  • As we do not mass produce, our minimum order is one!, we can be more flexible and adaptable to your requirements.
  • We provide a dedicated team for all design work.
  • Support is available at every stage of production to guide you and your customers.
  • We can send CAD's and resins for approval before starting production.
  • Every piece is finished to an exceptionally high quality. We pride ourselves on the quality of the fineness of our setting and the attention to detail in the very high standard of our polishing and plating.
  • We have a large supply chain of coloured gemstone dealers so we can offer a wide choice.
  • A major advantage in working with Maker Mends Thailand is that we already have the master patterns to over 4,000 different items of jewelry that can be ordered and made in all precious metals and any combination of gemstones.
  • Read Maker Mends (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Code of Conduct